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Manufactured and Assembled in the US

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Three years of clinical in-house and independent evaluations have yielded the following perceived benefits:

  • A noticeable decrease in the amount of composite adhesion to the instrument tip in comparison to other instrumentation at market.
  • Aids in the compaction of composite resin material to create a denser and stronger restoration, fewer voids in the composite.
  • Improved seal of restorations.
  • Improved margins of restorations.
  • Less post-op sensitivity.
  • Less retreatment.
  • Less recurrent decay and remakes.

Designed to be used with all non-flowable composites.

Holds down porcelain inlays, onlays, and crowns during the seat process.

Beneficial in contact forming to avoid open contacts.

The sapphire tip material is NOT prone to any coating degradation or surface pitting!

The SGS® Instrument Line

Developed specifically to overcome the inherent composite adhesion and pullback issues associated with other composite instruments currently at market.

Initial Tip Design

Each instrument in the initial line offering will be provided with a flat tip on one end and a domed tip on the other. The flat tip allows for better composite compaction. The domed tip allows for better composite shaping and forming.

Sapphire Technology - Home Page

Flat tip

Sapphire Technology - Home Page

Dome tip

Tip Material and Finish

The tips are technologically advanced and optically-clear synthetic sapphire material — highly machined and polished to achieve an exquisite surface finish. Such attention to surface finish significantly reduces composite pullback adhesion.

No Wetting Agents Required!

Given the preference to maintain a dry working environment at all times, the reduced composite adhesion achieved by the SGS® instrument eliminates the need for potentially detrimental wetting agents commonly used to increase metal and plastic instrument tip lubricity.

Tip Hardness & Durability

One magnitude of hardness below diamond, the sapphire tip permits proper placement, manipulation, and condensation of the composite material.

The tips maintain their "like new" condition day in and day out with normal cleaning and care procedures. Proper use and sterilization procedures will not diminish tip performance in any way — cause any pitting or degradation of the sapphire as can happen with metal, plastic, and coated materials.

The SGS® Instrument Line

The following tip sizes will initially be available:

1.5mm outer diameter tip

Sapphire Technology

2.0mm outer diameter tip

Sapphire Technology

2.5mm outer diameter tips and larger depending on market feedback.

Other tip shapes and sizes will also be added to the instrument line for better occlusal forming and shaping; Class V considerations.

Sapphire Technology - Evaluator Comments

Alan Wong, DDS, Lead Inventor

Evaluator Comments

"This is the best instrument I have used for placing composite fillings. The composite doesn't stick to the instrument as it does with metal instruments. There is no pullback effect."

JaShon Hughes, DDS Denver, CO

"The instrument seems to dramatically reduce the creation of voids caused by pullback of the restorative material when using currently available instrumentation."

Bonnie Ferrell, DDS Denver, CO

"I really enjoyed using this instrument. The instrument really made placement of composite restorations easier. The composite stayed in place much better."

Larry Hagen, DDS Cincinnati, OH

"Great instrument!"

Vic Martel, DMD W Palm Beach, FL

"Worked as advertised."

Daren Carlile, DMD Denver, CO

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